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January 31, 2024
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January 31, 2024

Bob Marley

FEB 6 1945 ~ May 11 1981
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Fun Fact:

Marley, a dedicated Rastafarian, embraced spiritual practices like marijuana use and Ital food. His music played a pivotal role in promoting Black self-empowerment and spreading the Rasta lifestyle worldwide
Bob Marley (1945–1981), Jamaican reggae legend, not only revolutionized music but also left an indelible mark through his inspirational and wisdom-laden quotes. His lyrics, often infused with themes of love, unity, and social justice, transcend generations, resonating as anthems for positive change. Marley’s words, marked by profound insights, continue to inspire millions globally, serving as a timeless source of empowerment, encouraging resilience, compassion, and a profound connection to the human experience.
Bob Marley Iconic Quotes

Bob Marley


  • When one door is closed

    When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.

  • Bob Marley Quote The harder the battle

    The harder the battle the sweet of Jah victory.

  • Bob Marley Quote One Good Thing About Music

    One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

  • Empty your mind

    Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water.

  • Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.

    Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.

  • Bob Marley Quote Get Up Stand Up

    Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.